• #nowlistening overcast.fm/+Y-HWHQim…

    Metamuse 71 // Programmable ink with James Lindenbaum and Szymon Kaliski

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Last Tuesday, my 14in MacBook Pro with a M1 Max SoC and 32GB RAM came, but the screen did not work. I took it to the Apple Store, and they confirmed it. So I’ve been using it in clamshell mode while my replacement is being built, which has really put a damper on whole experience.

  • Congrats to the micro.blog team for an awesome Micro Camp 2021!

  • Mississippi House of Representative vote to change the state flag overcast.fm

  • And just like that, another is in the can

  • github is having issues; which means many orgs’ CI/CD processes are impacted.

    It’s crazy how we depend on a centralized authority for services built on a decentralized protocol.

    Network effects is a helluva drug

  • YLNT is back!!! overcast.fm

  • Good news: my Yerba Mate supply is going to last much longer than feared. Bad news: I’ve been brewing my w. 3X as much mate as needed

    tsp != Tbsp

    But at least I know why my heart has been racing at night

  • All weekend, I’ve been working to get the house better set up for long-term work and schooling from home. Today I bought an Amplifi Instant mesh WiFi system. I don’t have a camera-ready spot for video calls, yet. Also I’m attending QuarantineCon, a all-remote conference.

  • For my Indie Web Camp Austin 2020 Project, I ended up floundering a little, but I made some progress.

    • set up a Backblaze B2 bucket fronted by Cloudflare CDN+DNS
    • from there, I could hack out a little indie “Stories” feature
    • I could also for hosting podcasts on the cheap too
  • I’m at Indie Web Camp Austin, and I just did the show-and-tell with my micro blog site. But I forgot make the analogy about being someone who makes web stuff (like a cobbler) without having made any web stuff I’d be proud of (no shoes).

  • currently watching Alan Kay - Programming and Scaling www.youtube.com/watch

  • finally updated my fork of the feed2json package github.com/corntoole…

  • I needed this today @5minutejournal

  • This is first time since maybe iPhone OS 2.0 that I have not updated to the new OS on day one. I really want to try out the new features but I’m waiting on 13.1

  • I’m RSVPing for #indiewebcamp Austin 2019.indieweb.org/austin

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